Jura Tastival 2014-2017 Collection of 4 limited releases for annual Jura Whisky Festival (4x70cl, 44%-52%)

Jura Tastival 2014-2017 Collection of 4 limited releases for annual Jura Whisky Festival (4x70cl, 44%-52%)

Complete set of four limited edition single malts released especially for the 'Jura Whisky Festival' which coincides with Fèis Ìle from year 2014 to 2017. Jura Tastival takes place on the island to celebrate flavor and inspire new ways to enjoy whisky. Every year Jura releases a limited edition Tastival bottling to mark the occasion. 

No 1 Jura Tastival 2014 (70cl, 44%) Bottle No 1277 of 3000. 

In this bottle lies an undisclosed marriage of seven fantastic cask finishes selected for the 2014 Jura Whisky Festival. This bottle is signed on the side by Willie Cochrane, Distillery Manager. This has experienced 7 finishes. Starting out in American oak bourbon casks, it was transferred into Jupilles, Les Bertanges, Limousin, Tronçais, Allier and Vosges casks before finally being married in Sherry butts. 3,000 bottles have been produced.

No 2 Jura Tastival 2015 (70cl, 52%) Bottle No 1233 of 3970. 

Distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2015, Following on from the 2014 edition this single malt Scotch whisky has enjoyed a finishing period in casks from Bouvet Ladubay which previously held sparkling wine. 3970 bottles were produced.

No 3 Jura Tastival 2016 (70cl, 51%) 

In 2016 the fans helped to choose the packaging for this special expression. This year's release was finished in Palomino Fino, Amoroso Oloroso and Apostoles Oloroso Sherry casks.

No 4 Jura Tastival 2017 (70cl, 51%) Bottle No 7111. 

2017 release is wonderfully well-balanced for a cask-strength whisky. Aged initially in bourbon casks and thereafter finished in American oak bourbon barrels and Douro Valley Port pipes from Graham's. It's presented at natural cask strength without chill-filtration.

The Isle of Jura is one of the most isolated in the Hebridean archipelago, and by all logical accounts an unusual place to build a distillery. However, the historic site was re-opened in the 1960s, in part to provide jobs to what was a declining population at the time. The rebuilding of the distillery was backed by blenders Charles Mackinlay & Co, so like Bruichladdich, despite the island being covered in peat, it produced an un-peated spirit to meet the needs of their blends. This continued into the 1990s when Whyte & Mackay became its owners, although they did eventually introduce some peated malt to their distilling, launching the Jura Superstition in 2003.

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