Whisky Decanters & Figurines

Bell's, Beneagles, Rutherford's, ... wildlife, clansmen, pot stills and other amazingly crafted shapes of decanters and figurines... Hugely popular in times gone by certain of these Scotch porcelain and ceramic whisky decanters have remained extremely valuable due to their rarity and the quality of the whisky within.

Some of our Decanters and Figurines may have markings of time from their previous owners as they have been acquired via specialist auctions from private collectors. Destined to be collectable with their imperfections as part of their history, adding value with every year while the content of liquid gold remains sealed. However, all come in good conditions to make unique gifts and become part of someone else’s history.

Our entire stock with over 2000 bottles of Collectable Whisky, as well as Art and Memorabilia gallery are currently in a process of valuation and will be appearing on this website as new items are released for sale. Please use this link to see our list of currently available  collection of full size whisky bottles. Please feel free to make an offer or ask any questions about listed items or any particular items you have in mind.