Grant's Girvan Black Barrel Single Grain with Branded Jug (1L, 43%)

Grants Black Barrel

Grant's Girvan Black Barrel Single Grain with Branded Jug (1L, 43%)

This rare discontinued Black Barrel Single Grain Whisky from William Grant & Sons is matured in Charred Oak Barrels. Comes with a branded Jug by Castle Ceramics.

Triple distilled at Girvan Distillery in Ayrshire, using craftsmanship unique to William Grant & Sons.

While it is matured in casks which have been torched. As a consequence this charred oak draws any harshness from the new spirit. Furthermore each of these “Black Barrels” are used only once for this Single Grain Whisky to ensure smoothness and a distinctive mellow character.

Girvan distillery was built in 1963 by William Grant & Sons after a disagreement with DCL resulted in the latter severing their grain supply for the Standfast blend. It was built and in production within 9 months, with the first spirit running on Christmas day, just as it had at Glenfiddich. Today the distillery still provides grain for the Grant's blends, but has also been marketed as a single grain. Black Barrel was the first single grain brand that William Grant & Sons marketed it under, taking its name from the charred oak casks used in maturation. It was launched in 1995 and produced until 2013, later being replaced by the Girvan Patent Still brand the following year.

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