Tyrconnell Single Malt Old Presentation (70cl, 40%)

Tyrconnell Single MaltTyrconnell Single Malt

Tyrconnell Single Malt Old Presentation (70cl, 40%)

A pure pot still Irish single malt, distilled at Cooley distillery and bottled by Andrew A. Watt and Co under the old Tyrconnell distillery brand.

The legend of The Tyrconnell was born in 1876, when R. M. Delamere entered his chestnut colt, Tyrconnell, in the prestigious National Produce Stakes horse race. Fortune found favor with Delamere that afternoon, as Tyrconnell bested horses and oddsmakers alike on his march to victory. The surprise victory captured the imagination of the assembled crowd, which included the Watts, which included A.A. Watt, local gentlemen distiller. He chose to commemorate the occasion by creating a limited edition, small batch whiskey that bore the name of their local champion. Although A.A. Watt intended to make The Tyrconnell just once, it ended up becoming Watt's most popular whiskey. Before Prohibition, The Tyrconnell was claimed to be the best selling Irish whiskey. Today, the brand is maintained by the Kilbeggan Distilling Company, proud protectors of Irish whiskey making traditions. Each bottle bears the same commemorative label celebrating Tyrconnell's triumph.

Cooley distillery was opened in 1987 after it was converted from a pototo alcohol plant by John Teeling. It now operates two pot and three column stills, generally double distilling as opposed the more familiar triple distillation that most Irish producers favour. It was bought by Beam Inc. in 2011, with its former owners now operating the Teeling distillery in Dublin. Cooley's core range includes the Kilbeggan blends and a peated and unpeated single malt, called Connemara and Tyrconnell, respectively. In addition to this, they have a massive contract distilling operation, providing whisky to a number of independent labels like this. 

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