Old Perth 2013 Number 1 Release Port Cask Finish (70cl, 43%)

Old Perth 2013 Number 1 Release Port Cask Finish (70cl, 43%)

This is the first batch of Old Perth, a classically styled blended malt whisky from Morrison & MacKay. This is a carefully blended tribute to the city of Perth, the birthplace of Historic Blends.

Established in 1908 Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers is solely owned and operated by one of Scotland’s oldest whisky families, Jamie and Brian Morrison. The heritage gave access to a wide variety of unique and exceptional casks from pedigree distilleries across Scotland. The Scottish city of Perth was once the blending capital of the world. However, as whisky companies moved away during the past century in pursuit of less rural settings.

The family-owned company of Morrison & MacKay, an independent bottler and blender with plans to revive Perth’s whisky heritage, is one of the few remnant whisky companies in the Perth area. With its origins in the 1980s, the independent bottler and whisky merchant, which produces a number of blended whisky brands and liqueurs alongside individual bottlings, is perhaps most famous for its Columba Cream whisky liqueur –  ‘Scotland’s answer to Bailey’s’ – and the modern regeneration of the historic Old Perth blend. 

Both the MacKays and Morrisons have long-standing ties to the whisky industry: Kenny MacKay previously worked with blender Peter Thomson (Perth) Ltd, while Brian Morrison’s father was none other than Stanley P. Morrison, owner of Bowmore, Glen Garioch and Auchentoshan distilleries until the company was sold to Suntory in 1994. In acquiring The Scottish Liqueur Center in 2005, the team aimed to revive a sense of Perth’s whisky history by establishing and expanding as a local whisky merchant and creating local whisky jobs in the area.

Morrison & Mackay are producing a number of whisky liqueurs as well as independent single malts and blends, including these popular recently revived Old Perth. In 2017 the firm completed the construction of the Aberargie distillery in the town of the same name.

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