McClelland's Clanroy De Luxe from 1980s (75cl, 43%)

McClellands Clanroy De LuxeMcClellands Clanroy De Luxe

McClelland's Clanroy De Luxe from 1980s (75cl, 43%)

Clanroy has its roots in the 1930s, and has over the years formed a major part of various distillers and blenders portfolios. Known as an ‘easy drinker’ with a very soft smoky palate, the blend may well have contained whiskies from Bladnoch and Bowmore distilleries at one time or another, such was the company it kept as part of T&A McClelland and Morrison Bowmore’s portfolios.

The Clanroy blend has always been registered to T&A McClelland, the distiller and blender behind Bladnoch distillery that can trace its roots back to 1818.

T&A McClelland were founded by two brothers, Thomas and Andrew, who established the Bladnoch distillery in 1817. Their company was bought by Dunville in 1911 who closed Bladnoch in the 1930s (later selling it on), but continued to run the company as a blending firm. It was acquired by Stanley P. Morrison in 1970, who bottled a number of blends and "mystery" single malts under the T&A McClelland banner over the years.

Clanroy continued to have a global presence until the 1990s, when Japanese distiller Suntory took over Morrison Bowmore. The brand is now dormant, although its trademark is still registered in the UK.

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