Jura Superstition (70cl, 43%)

Jura SuperstitionJura Superstition

Jura Superstition (70cl, 43%)

From the jewel of the Scottish Islands - Isle of Jura, where the islanders were previously extremely superstitious. Superstition is matured in a selection of the finest old bourbon barrels to unfold the spicy aromas and subtle smoky note. A union of two Jura malt whisky styles: one bold, strong and peated, the other warm and delicate. 

Superstition is a unique whisky created from the marriage of traditional Islay style peated barley and a selection of aged malts.

The Isle of Jura is one of the most isolated in the Hebridean archipelago, and by all logical accounts an unusual place to build a distillery. However, the historic site was re-opened in the 1960s, in part to provide jobs to what was a declining population at the time. The rebuilding of the distillery was backed by blenders Charles Mackinlay & Co, so like Bruichladdich, despite the island being covered in peat, it produced an un-peated spirit to meet the needs of their blends. This continued into the 1990s when Whyte & Mackay became its owners, although they did eventually introduce some peated malt to their distilling, launching the Jura Superstition in 2003.

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