Jura Origin 10 Year Old (70cl, 40%)

Jura 10 OriginJura 10 Origin

Jura Origin 10 Year Old (70cl, 40%)

An old presentation bottle of Jura Origin, 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The Origin 10 year old was introduced in the 2000s and bottled until 2018 when the distillery core range was revised and rebranded.

From the jewel of the Scottish Islands - Isle of Jura, the whisky that started it all. This whisky marks the rebirth of the Jura distillery and the reconstruction of the community. For this reason, each bottle embraces the ancient Celtic symbol of the beginning. Origin is matured entirely in old bourbon barrels to develop the unmistakable style, taste and unique structure of the products of the House Jura.

The Isle of Jura is one of the most isolated in the Hebridean archipelago, and by all logical accounts an unusual place to build a distillery. However, the historic site was re-opened in the 1960s, in part to provide jobs to what was a declining population at the time. The rebuilding of the distillery was backed by blenders Charles Mackinlay & Co, so like Bruichladdich, despite the island being covered in peat, it produced an un-peated spirit to meet the needs of their blends. This continued into the 1990s when Whyte & Mackay became its owners, although they did eventually introduce some peated malt to their distilling, launching the Jura Superstition in 2003.

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