Jack Daniel's 120th of White Rabbit Saloon and 125th of Red Dog Saloon (2x70cl, 43%)

JD White Rabbit and Red Dog Set

Jack Daniel's 120th of White Rabbit Saloon and 125th of Red Dog Saloon (2x70cl, 43%)

Jack Daniel's 120th Anniversary of White Rabbit Saloon Bottle No AW 5079

Released in 2012, this was a limited edition Jack Daniel's produced in honour of the 120th anniversary of the opening of the White Rabbit Saloon, a bar formerly located in Lynchburg and once owned by Mr Jack Daniel. 

Jack Daniel's 125th Anniversary of Red Dog Saloon Bottle No RD 746226

A special release from Jack Daniel's to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Red Dog Saloon in Tennessee, the shadier, more mysterious sister venue to their White Rabbit Saloon in the same town.

Jack Daniel's is the best-selling American whiskey in the world. Despite that fact it can legally be categorised as a straight bourbon, it has always shunned this title, preferring to market itself as a Tennessee Whiskey. These are similar to straight bourbons but have the additional requirement of having been filtered through maple wood charcoal, a practice known as the Lincoln County Process. History has not always given the distillery an easy ride though. Tennessee was an early adopter of Prohibition in 1910, and one of the last to repeal it in 1938 (five years later than the repeal at Federal level). Even today the distillery is still located in a "dry" county, meaning none of its products are sold in its hometown or those around it. The distillery was then only operational for four years before being forced to close again during the second world war. Ten years later it was purchased by the Brown-Forman corporation and its fortunes turned for good. Its classic black-labelled Old No.7 brand (named after the distillery’s original DSP number) is now a globally recognised product.

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