Inverleven 1985 (bottled 1998) - Distillery Labels Gordon & MacPhail (70cl, 40%)

Inverleven 1985 (bottled 1998) - Distillery Labels Gordon & MacPhail (70cl, 40%)

Single Lowland Malt Scotch Whisky distilled at the closed Inverleven in 1985  specially selected, produced and bottled by Gordon & MacPhail in 1998.

Inverleven was a single malt distillery located within the Dumbarton grain complex. Dumbarton had been built by Canadian giants, Hiram Walker, in 1936 in order to provide whisky for its newly acquired Ballantine's brand. The distillery consisted of two copper pot stills and, later, a lomond still which was actually considered to be a seperate distillery, simply called Lomond. The latter was decommissioned in 1985, with Inverleven following suit in 1991 and the wider Dumbarton complex in 2002. The whole site has now been demolished. Inverleven's legacy lives on however, most prominently in its still set. The Lomond still now produces The Botanist gin at Bruichladdich, and the spirit and wash stills are now in situ at Waterford distillery in Ireland. Its legacy is less prominent in its output, with most of its whisky reserved for blends. Occasional distillery bottlings were produced, but the majority are rare independent releases like this. 

Founded in 1895, Gordon & MacPhail has been bottling single malt whiskies for 120 years and by the 1950's it held the largest range of bottled malt whiskies in the world. This family-run business has bottled the oldest single malt whisky in the world - a Mortlach 1939 75 Year Old - as well as being a distiller itself after buying Benromach in 1993. They bottle whisky across several ranges including Connoisseurs Choice, the Private Collection, and their most exclusive, Generations.

When Gordon & MacPhail were producing official bottlings under license in the 1970s, each distillery was labelled using a specific branding determined by their parent companies, such as DCL, Hiram Walker or Highland Distillers. By the 1980s, single malts were increasing in popularity and Gordon & MacPhail began to create a “house label” for every distillery, each with its own unique style, as is presented here. Although no longer the licensees, Gordon & MacPhail still produce bottles like this for many distilleries today, renamed in 2018 as their Distillery Labels range.

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