Inchmurrin 12, 15, 18, 21 Year Old - Presentation 2010th Range Set (4 x 70cl, 46%)

Inchmurrin 12, 15, 18, 21 Year Old - Presentation 2010th Range Set (4 x 70cl, 46%)

The most impressively presented range released between 2011 and 2014. Beautifully designed appearance for the Inchmurrin single malt whisky released only in limited amounts.

This set consist of four expressions

Inchmurrin 12 Year Old (70cl, 46%) natural colour non chill filtered wonderfully creamy single malt, which features whisky drawn from a trio of cask style, Bourbon casks, refill casks and recharred casks. 

Inchmurrin 15 Year Old (70cl, 46%) unpeated single malt. This is the whisky that has it all. It was aged for 15 years in bourbon casks, comes non-chillfiltered and without any colouring. Release 2014.

Inchmurrin 18 Year Old (70cl, 46%) was aged in bourbon casks and comes without chill-filtration or caramel colouring.

Inchmurrin 21 Years Old Loch Lomond matured in premium quality bourbon casks and is bottled at 46%. Comes non chill filtered with natural colour.

Inchmurrin, named after the largest island within Loch Lomond’s freshwater loch, is Loch Lomond’s unpeated expression. The Loch Lomond distillery was founded in 1965 by Littlemill owner Duncan Thomas and the American Barton Brands. The distillery closed in 1984 following the era’s whisky bust. It was sold to Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Ltd in 1986, and production resumed a year later. 

Loch Lomond distillery was an innovative project when first conceived, intending to be fully self-reliant in its blending responsibilities by producing a variety of single malt and grain whiskies on the same site. Loch Lomond has a unique equipment setup. The distillery operates a total of 11 stills of four different kinds, with which they’re able to produce eight different styles of whisky. The combination of swan-necked pot stills, Lomond stills and continuous stills, nowadays allow for the production of a staggering 11 distinct spirits. 

Inchmurrin is a lightly peated whisky produced in limited amounts, in this case on specially designed pot stills with rectifying heads to allow a higher cut point in the distillation process.

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