Glenfarclas 25 Year Old Quarter Casks (70cl, 42.4%)

Glenfarclas 25

Glenfarclas 25 Year Old Quarter Casks (70cl, 42.4%)

A limited edition release of the last ten quarter casks remaining at Glenfarclas, amazingly the youngest is 25 years old.

A special bottling taken from ten of the last remaining quarter casks at Glenfarclas. Incredibly, the youngest of these whiskies is 25 years old, with the entire maturation having taken place in the smaller sized casks.

Interactions between the wood, the whisky and the air take place more quickly in these casks due to the greater surface area to volume ratio, but this Speyside single malt manages to retain an impressive vibrancy. 

This exclusive bottling, released in early 2013, combines 10 of the last remaining quarter casks, of which the youngest was 25 years old. Bottled at cask strength of 42.4% vol, the 10 casks only yielded 905 bottles, which are offered in selected markets worldwide.

Quarter casks are quite unusual and there are few whiskies that have been matured wholly in these small casks, they are generally used for a brief finishing period than for an entire maturation period.  The surface area of wood for the spirit to penetrate is greater in smaller casks therefore using these quarter casks generally creates a whisky which may appear to have characteristics of whiskies older than it's age.  Very few whiskies are matured for this length of time in a quarter cask and Glenfarclas has offered us a number of examples over the years, most of which are very popular.

Glenfarclas is considered by many to be one of the finest distilleries in Speyside. Its direct-fired stills produce a heavy single malt that is almost exclusively matured in Jerez sherry casks. The distillery focuses on single malt over blends, and a cool microclimate around the distillery that means that their casks are particularly stingy to the "angels," resulting in an incredible depth of stock. Glenfarclas also feel they share some credit for the modern day love of cask strength whisky, introducing their acclaimed 105 proof expressions back in 1968.

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