Glen Sannox from the Kinloch Distillery (70cl, 40%)

Glen SannoxGlen Sannox

Glen Sannox from the Kinloch Distillery (70cl, 40%)

Blended and bottled in Scotland by the Kinloch Distillery Company Ltd

The Kinloch Distillery was commenced in Campbelltown in the year 1823 by Mr. Dunlop’s father, who assumed other partners, and started work under the co-partnery of Lamb, Colvill & Co. The premises had been used as Malt Houses, for the purpose of supplying malt to the numerous smugglers who carried on their business in the country round about, and from whose products arose the far-famed Campbeltown Whisky now so well known in the market. It was quite close to the loch and harbour, and the continual movement on the water of fishing boats and steamers, together with the bustle and traffic on the wharf, gave Kinloch Distillery more life and animation than any of the others. The water came from the Crosshill Loch, and there was also excellent water obtainable from a deep well on the premises. Lamb Colvill&Co. ran the distillery till 1919 but West Highland Malt Distilleries Ltd bought it. In 1924 David MacCallum bought the distillery though it didn’t last long and in 1926 it was closed. In 1928 the land was donated to the city. After that they used the land for houses.

The scotch whisky industry in the small coastal town of Campbeltown was mainly driven by descendants of Lowland families who came to the South Kintyre peninsula in the 17th Century at the encouragement of the Campbells of Argyll. However, this wasn’t the only reason so many distilleries chose to open here. Another reason for the boom in whisky production was steam navigation, as this invention allowed whisky to be transported to Glasgow in just 9 hours.

The Kinloch Distillery Co. Ltd was incorporated in 1934 as a bottling company/ blender based in Glasgow, and ceased trading in 2000s.

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