Drambuie The Commemorative 1745 Decanter (75cl, 40%) with Bonnie Prince Charlie figurine

Drambuie The Commemorative 1745 Decanter (75cl, 40%) with Bonnie Prince Charlie figurine

A special Wade Porcelain decanter of Prince Charles Edward's Liqueur Drambuie. This special edition was released to commemorate the raising of the Jacobite standard at Glenfinnan in 1745, a scene depicted on the box and decanter.

Drambuie Advertising Figurine Bonnie Prince Charlie. This beautiful figurine was made for advertising the Drambuie drink in pubs and bars. Made of hand painted ceramic this striking statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie is approximately 35cm (13.75 inches) tall. 

Drambuie is a whisky liqueur, a blend of aged Scotch whisky, infused with heather honey, aromatic herbs & spices. 

It is the oldest British whisky liqueur brand and it’s origins can be traced to a secret recipe created for Bonnie Prince Charlie by his Royal Apothecary in the 18th Century. The legend goes that after the Battle of Culloden, he gave the elixir to a Scottish clan on the Isle of Skye in gratitude for their hospitality as he awaited safe passage back home. 

The name Drambuie is derived from Scots Gaelic ‘An Dram Buidheach’ and means “The Drink that Satisfies”.

The story of Drambuie began in 1745 when it arrived on British shores under the guardianship of its original custodian, Prince Charles Edward Stuart (known as Bonnie Prince Charlie). This non-alcoholic essence of herbs and spices was the Prince’s personal draft, and he drank a few drops each day for strength and vitality. The recipe was a well-kept secret passed to Clan MacKinnon, registered as a brand in 1893 and Drambuie Liquor Company was created in 1914. 100 years later in 2014 The Drambuie recipe is passed on from one family owned company to another as William Grant & Sons acquire the brand. Since the handover the recipe has been kept in a safe at the blending facility near Glasgow. Only three people know the recipe, one of who personally mixes each batch of Drambuie essence and is the fifth generation of the company founder William Grant.

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