Port Dundas 12 Year Old 2004 (cask 11762) - Clan Denny (70cl, 50%)

Port Dundas 12 2004 Clan DennyPort Dundas 12 2004 Clan Denny

Port Dundas 12 Year Old 2004 (cask 11762) - Clan Denny (70cl, 50%)

From the closed grain distillery, Port Dundas. This is a Douglas McGibbon bottling, part of their Clan Denny series. Distilled in July 2004 and bottled in May 2017. Charged from refill barrel #11762. One of 290 bottles.

Built in 1811 at the highest point of the city of Glasgow, Port Dundas grain distillery was a true giant of its day. It became a founding member of DCL in 1877, and over the years has been key component in many of its blends, including Johnnie Walker and White Horse. By the end of the 19th century it was the largest distillery in Scotland, armed with three Coffey and five pot stills, the giant was producing well over two million gallons of spirit a year. Having survived two fires in the early 20th century, the distillery’s story came to an end in 2010 when Diageo the modern iteration of DCL, closed it down to consolidate its grain production at the newly expanded Cameronbridge.  

The Clan Denny label was originally launched in the mid-2000s by Douglas Laing, and bottled by their subsidiary company, Hunter Hamilton. The brand specialised in bottling well-aged single grain whiskies from single casks. When Douglas Laing was carved up between brothers, Stewart and Fred, in 2013, the Clan Denny brand remained with Douglas Laing, and the Hunter Hamilton trading name became Douglas Hamilton. In 2017 it was reassigned to another subsidiary, Douglas McGibbon, and has branched out to include whisky from other categories as well.

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